IP55 Connectable Festoon BC & ES (0.5m or 1.0m Spacing – 10m Connectable Lengths) (PROFESTOON)





Product Description

This outdoor, black rubber cable, connectable festoon belt set measures 10 metres in length. These festoon belts are manufactured using the latest construction processes to ensure excellent durability, and we are continually improving this product year after year using customer recommendations. For example, this product features fixing points on each socket, so you can easily screw into walls for a more secure fix. The seal around the bulb has also been improved, allowing you to fix your bulbs in quicker and with less hassle. Another handy improvement is that the belt is now compatible with other mains voltage accessories, so you can now incorporate different extension cable lengths, and into your display. With these additions, the festoon range is now better than ever, and remains the ultimate lighting choice for commercial and retail displays.

What do you need?

The starter cable for this item is purchased separately. The bulbs are also purchased separately in any colour you desire. Offering the latest low energy LED equivalent BC/E27 bulbs for festoon lighting, the bulbs are available to order with your new belt kit or to replace current glass bulbs.

How many can be connected?

  • Loose hanging from first to end(almost a canopy hanging effect)
  • Max 100 sets = 1000m = 500w with 1000pcs of 0.5w bulbs
  • Max 40 sets = 400m = 480w with 400pcs of 1.2w bulbs
  • Max 5 sets = 50m = 200w with 50pcs of 4w bulbs
  • Fixed hanging every 1 metre(cable pulled tight, not draped)
  • Max 300 sets = 3000m = 1500w with 3000pcs of 0.5w bulbs
  • Max 120 sets = 1200m = 1440w with 1200pcs of 1.2w bulbs
  • Max 5 sets = 50m = 200w with 50pcs of 4w bulbs
  • All figures calculated using our LED bulbs.

Additional information


10m with 0.5m spacing, 20m with 0.5m spacing, 30m with 0.5m spacing, 40m with 0.5m spacing, 50m with 0.5m spacing, 60m with 0.5m spacing, 70m with 0.5m spacing, 80m with 0.5m spacing, 90m with 0.5m spacing, 100m with 0.5m spacing, 10m with 1.0m spacing, 20m with 1.0m spacing, 30m with 1.0m spacing, 40m with 1.0m spacing, 50m with 1.0m spacing, 60m with 1.0m spacing, 70m with 1.0m spacing, 80m with 1.0m spacing, 90m with 1.0m spacing, 100m with 1.0m spacing


BC (B22 – UK), ES (E27)


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