Outdoor Festoon Lights, Connectable, Warm White LEDs, Clear Bulbs, Black Cable (24v) (LOW VOLTAGE)




  • Connect up to 5 sets from one plug.
  • Plug and lead cable included.
  • Indoor / outdoor use.
  • 40cm distance between each bulb.
  • 8 different functions with memory.
  • 24v lighting range

Low voltage festoon lights with 20 warm white LED bulbs per 8 metre length, spaced 40cm apart, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Our versatile LED festoon lights have unlimited uses and come with our 12 month warranty. Ideal places to use these lights are in marquees, trees, shrubs, gutters, eaves, fencing and decking. Each globe measures 4.5cm in diameter and contains a single LED bulb. To ensure installing your lights is hassle free, there is a small hook pre-mounted on each bulb.

As part of our low voltage connectable lights system, from just one plug you can connect together up to 5 sets of strings to meet your required needs; saving you time, money and plug sockets!

These lights boast 8 different functions, which is a unique feature to the low voltage transformer, these functions include: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slow-Glow, Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle-flash, and Static. Also, each time you switch the lights on, the in-built function memory will automatically select the last function used.

The set comes on a black cable with built in male & female connectors. A multi-function controller plug and 5m lead cable are provided.

Please note: for all year round outdoor display, the set must be suspended using the hooks on each bulb – if suspended from each end, a support cable must be installed.

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8m, 16m, 24m, 32m, 40m


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